Can we talk Dads for a minute?

My life mission when I decided to have kids was to make sure my partner was going to be the best dad possible. Family was the most important thing I could think about getting right.

My first relationship was all about finding my way and growing up. I educated myself and worked harder than I thought possible. I dedicated my whole life to our success as a couple.

When it came to an end I was devastated. I remember telling my mom I was never going to ______. There were so many things I filled that blank with, but the biggest one was “never going to have kids.”

I was 28 and starting over. It was hard, but I was so free for the first time in a decade. I learned so many things, and I began the second leg of my life journey. It started with looking inward deeply and started to grow into the woman I was meant to be.

When I let go of the grief and embraced the journey a beautiful thing began to happen in my life. I took chances, I got brave, and I took charge of my life. I met the love of my life who challenged me in ways that further propelled me forward. We connect in a way that transcends time, and he is the most incredible father to our two amazing children. I picked right.

I’ve been there for three friends that have walked this same journey, and the only real advice I could give them is that when things look like they are falling apart they might just be falling into place. It was my biggest lesson – it was what I had to learn.

looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m proud of who I am and I absolutely love my family. It was worth the wait and when I see that same joy behind the camera I feel like I’m floating two inches off the ground.

Time to go snuggle those babies of mine ❤

Falling Into Place