Once you've booked we will start to collect the details of your wedding. I can offer suggestions and about 3 months out from your date when we have a follow-up zoom chat to check-in and see how things are going. We will have our engagement session where we break the ice and you get to know me before the big day. We gather a list of family photos that you are hoping to have and go over any last minute details!

After we book your session we get right to narrowing down your wardrobe and a date and time that works for you and your family. I always try to opt for a golden hour session, but I focus more on what's appropriate for the youngest members of the family. Yes, even the furry ones (dogs are always welcome). We have our shoot and then meet in person or online to look over your gallery to see which images are wall worthy. I help you pick sizes and placement in your home and hopefully an album to pass down.

Branding is a special passion of mine. I love the business aspect of photography and the impact it can have. We start with a strategy meeting to discuss your business goals, brand messaging, pallets and the set and setting for your images. I focus on getting a huge variety of images in a 2+ hour session. Several wardrobe changes are involved and professional hair and makeup is a requirement. You receive a huge bank of images to use as content on your website and social media accounts. Branding packages come with a commercial licence to post images, which is unique to business related photography.

Newborn photography is a unique and endearing style of photography that is precious and beautiful to experience. Nothing brings me greater joy then capturing the first few days of life. Flexibility is needed based on due dates and actual arrivals. Newborns are typically photographed between 7-10 day after birth. I offer in-home sessions and we would book a home consultation to find a place fit to take photos. The sessions take anywhere from 2-4 hours with lots of time for feedings and snuggles. For more information please fill out my contact form.

Hey! I'm so excited to chat about your special event! Are you looking for family photos? Are you engaged?! Are you looking for a strong branding message? Tell me all the details and I can get back to you within 24-48 hours via phone or email. Can't wait to chat!!!

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